Privacy Policy

The Privacy Policy

This privacy policy contains all the queries regarding privacy including details regarding our functioning, user preferences, details about information collection and usage and also how some of your personal information will be disclosed in certain circumstances by ANDYFLIX.

If you want to have more information about your user account, you are free to contact our customer service with the email provided at the help desk ( In case, there are queries about privacy statement, disclosure of personal information, our other details regarding technology, you are requested to connect with our Privacy Office by mailing at When you ask for our assistance, please note that you need to authenticate your identity when asked.


The information which will be collected includes your name, email, postal address or code, mode of payment and telephone number. We collect these details in a number of ways like when you use our service, while your interaction with our customer care or become a participant in surveys or marketing promotion etc.

Some information is collected automatically as mentioned above through surveys or marketing promotions or interaction with customer service. This automatic information collection gets the details about your network service provider, your device used like TV, mobile, laptops, notebooks, computers, your device’s IP address. Our application also stores your preferences like what have you watched and your other search queries, your name, user account, email, call, and messages sent to our service provider.


The information which we collect is used to help you to experience the best of our services. It is used to administer, enhance and personalize, for marketing, registration and payments or to communicate you when required.

Your information collected from other sources for example, IP address, is used to protect our service content from online threat like fraud, malware and virus attack or to protect other account from privacy violations.

It is also used to determine your geographical location so that we can provide you with localized content, give you recommendations, and determine your ISP to help you with network troubleshooting and quick reply to your queries. We work together with our partners while providing our service and informing non-members about our service depending upon your relationship with the partner.

The information can be used to identify illegal activities, or to provide you with our newsletter or new offers, promotional announcements, and to assist you with operational requests. These sets of information will be provided to you by methods such as emails, push notifications, text messages, and online messaging channels. You can set your communication preferences.


We provide you with Remember me function to easily access your account. This will help you to directly access your account without reentering your password when your browser revisits us.If your account details are shared with others, they will be able to see your watch list, ratings and account information and is free to modify your account.


You can access your personal information and modify it if some information is incorrect. You have the right to ask us to delete personal information. You can also ask for a copy of information collected. Your request, which are not required by law or which are frivolous or technical efforts which can lead us to online attacks, may be rejected.


You must be 18 years of age or older to subscribe. If your age is less, you may do so in the supervision of your legal guardian.

Our privacy statement will be updated time to time and you will be informed. If you agree, only then you will be able to use our services. Otherwise, you are free to unsubscribe. Payment once received for subscription will not be refunded.

We use cookies to provide you with the best of our service. These cookies are strictly necessary to provide our website or online service.