Terms of use


ANDYFLIX enables the users with personalized subscription which helps our members to watch numerous TV shows and movies which are available only on our application. Our content can be viewed with the help of internet on devices like Televisions, laptops, mobiles and other devices which have internet connectivity.

This section gives information regarding our terms of use. It also allows you to access our content, user interface, and software associated with our service.

You are our member till you have a valid membership. For accessing our service, you need internet connectivity and a device which is suitable for our service and provide us with one or more Payment Methods. We accept payments for subscription through a valid mode of payment. You can update your payment methods time to time. You give us the chance to charge you the next cycle of payment until or unless you cancel your subscription before the due date of payment. We provide you with a number of plans to suit your requirement. You are free to choose as you feel convenient. Before having a paid subscription, you can start with a ‘free trial’ for 3 months ‘Free trial’ eligibility is sole discretion of our service. It can be terminated anytime if there is any trial abuse. The person who are already registered or have used the option of ‘free trail’ are not eligible.

The membership fee for our service includes use of the service and additional charges. The fee will be charged on the due date of payment mentioned in account details section. The payment date depends on the subscription plan you choose. You must provide us with one or more payment methods and also provide us with the right to charge from provided methods if one method is declined. If an amount is deduced from your account and we have not received it, you are liable for that pending sum of money. If payment is pending in any circumstance like insufficient fund and you have not cancelled your account, we can suspend your account till the payment is settled.

You are free to cancel your subscription at any time. You can use our service till subscription period. Payment once received will not be refunded.

To use our service, you must be 18 year of age or elder.

While agreeing to our terms of use, you also agree not to mess up with our content like modifying it, archiving or reproduce it. You also agree not to produce any technical threat to our content as well as our application. If any of such activities both illegal and fraudulent is noticed from your account we will terminate your account.

The quality of display will vary from device to device and from internet speed. The other aspect which will influence the quality is the selection from SD, HD, Ultra HD, and HDR. It cannot be assured that all our content is available in all the picture qualities. Additionally, all subscription plans do not give access to high quality videos.

The account holder who is charged of payment has access and control over the account and device from which the account is accessed. The member will be responsible for any kind of activity occur from the account.

Our service is without warranty. We cannot claim that our service will be error-free. In case any issue arises, the matter will be adjudicated within the jurisdiction of Punjab and Haryana High Court. You will be given information before any update in our terms of use. And agreeing to our terms and conditions is a kind of contract between you and us. And no other will be included.